Power/ traction kiting, is where the kite pulls you along on board/buggy/skis/etc, or just bare feet (also called scudding)

"Flying the kite well is at least 90% of kiteboarding" -- [Bruce 2003]

The extreme sports in this group are young, so there is overlap in participants, equipment and websites. And their names can vary, depending on who you talk to

"Jul, Aug, Sep are the 3 worst months for (lack of) wind in the UK" -- [Bruce 2003]. If there isn't enough to fly a kite, then go mountainboarding instead!

Ram air or inflatable kite?
Ram air kite : is given its shape by wind filling the cells; (so if it crashes on the water, it must be dried out before it will fly again). This is the usual choice for land-based activities. "For a first kite, a good size is 2.5-3.5 sq metres if you buy in Winter, and 3.5-4.5 sq metres if you buy in Summer" -- [Bruce 2003]

"Peter Lynn" make ram air kites that have one-way seals. This means you can relaunch them from the water (because the air will not be lost); but you will probably need help

Inflatable kite : is more suitable for water-based activities, as it can be launched off the water if it crashes. But it is expensive, and crashing on land can damage it. These kites have a higher profile (ie. are more U-shaped), and so the flat size is larger than the projected size

Handles or bar?
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2-line or 4-line?
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Kitesurfing (kiteboarding) : The poster child of power kiting. In the UK most people (and teaching) stop after November, when it gets cold, but some are active all year

Wetsuit. General recommendation is for 5/3mm in Winter and 3/2mm in Summer. Get something that fits well, to prevent "flushing"

Organisation : British Kite Surfing Association (BKSA)

Forums : Flexifoil

Lessons : Airways Kiteboard School [Bristol/SW/Wales]; Poole Harbour Boardsailing [Dorset]; Watergate Bay [Cornwall]

Shops : Bristol Kitestore [Cotham, Bristol]; Kite 'n' Sk8 [Dursley, Glos]; Kiteworks UK [Walsall and mail order]

Kite landboarding (kite ATB) : Falls somewhere between kitesurfing and ATB in marketing terms, and doesn't have a cool name. So may be mentioned on both kitesurf and ATB websites, and in both types of magazine. Boards are usually the same as ATB, though there are some (asymmetrical) boards designed for use with a kite. Another option is buggying

Organisation : Kite Landboard Association (KLA); British Buggy Club

Forums : Flexifoil; KiteATB

Lessons : Airways Kiteboard School [Bristol/SW/Wales]

Kite blading : Inline skates + powerkite :

Snowkiting : Skis/ snowboard + powerkite :; Ozone (within InfoZone);;

Organisation :

Mountainboarding (ATB) : A mountain board, or All Terrain Board is a big off-road skateboard. A deck with pneumatic tyres, suspension and (maybe) brakes. Riding/jumping style is more like a snowboard than a skateboard, because there are straps/bindings no need to ollie or grab. (Snowboard bindings are not advised when kiting)

A variant, known as a "Dirt Surfer", has only 2 wheels. It's faster and more stable at high speeds, but takes longer to learn. (And in Australia, 3-wheeled boards are available)

This is not a kiting activity; you need a slope

Team BAD [Bristol & District]. Personal sites : Jack Herniman et al; UKATB. The UK magazine is ATBmag - available from shops and by mail order

Organisation : ATBA-UK

Forums : ATBSports

Lessons : Ride the Hill

Shops : Bristol Kitestore [Cotham, Bristol]; Kite 'n' Sk8 [Dursley, Glos]; Kiteworks UK [Walsall and mail order]

My equipment :
Flexifoil 3m Blade III