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OpenMoko July 9, 2007

Posted by mark in : Device, Telecoms, Wireless , add a comment

Today saw a publicity launch for the first device from the open source mobile handset project, OpenMoko. It’ll first be targeted at developers, with a mass market version (including Wifi and 3D accelerometers) planned at the end of the year.

Slim(ish), flat and sans-keyboard, the Neo1973 shares a few design cues with the Apple iPhone, but isn’t as pretty to look at. Crucially, though, it’s open to developers and not tied to a specific cellular operator.

After Palm (yet again) delayed the launch of its Linux-based Treo, it’s good to see some progress being made here. Another hackable Linux-based phone is already available in France (from Wistron, another Taiwanese ODM), but this looks much more interesting.