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Climbing Works Bristol June 18, 2007

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“The World’s biggest and best dedicated bouldering centre” : Opening at the start of November 2007 in Bedminster, Bristol, UK.

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Whatever grade you climb at you will find 40 problems that you can climb easily and then at least 40 more for you to work on!

Andy Kirkpatrick – “PsychoVertical” February 4, 2007

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Just back from a very entertaining evening at Andy Kirkpatrick’s PsychoVertical show. Several hundred Bristol climbers (and others) in St George’s concert hall, and a 2 hour stream of experiences and laughs. The only ‘gag’ I remember was early on, and due to acoustics and delivery speed, I can’t be sure it’s what he said! :

Climbing’s a bit like masturbation. It’s great when it’s you doing it, but not to hear someone else talk about it for 2 hours.

Anyway, very amusing; and I left with a powerful craving for pizza!

Why climb? September 16, 2006

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Dave MacLeod posts on the reasons why climbers climb. Some apply to me more than others do, but the specific ’some’ do keep changing!