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OpenMoko July 9, 2007

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Today saw a publicity launch for the first device from the open source mobile handset project, OpenMoko. It’ll first be targeted at developers, with a mass market version (including Wifi and 3D accelerometers) planned at the end of the year.

Slim(ish), flat and sans-keyboard, the Neo1973 shares a few design cues with the Apple iPhone, but isn’t as pretty to look at. Crucially, though, it’s open to developers and not tied to a specific cellular operator.

After Palm (yet again) delayed the launch of its Linux-based Treo, it’s good to see some progress being made here. Another hackable Linux-based phone is already available in France (from Wistron, another Taiwanese ODM), but this looks much more interesting.

Nokia N95 – some issues April 25, 2007

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Last year, I mentioned that I’d be looking for a new phone, and listed some desirable features. Nokia’s N95 looks and feels less attractive than I’d expected, but is novel at the moment in being GPS-enabled (and has a lot of other features).

GPS is a feature I’d particularly like to try, as well as some VoIP and photo applications I’ve read about over the last couple of years …to better understand the user experience, issues and other possible services and business cases. I don’t like ‘walled gardens’. (Mapperz has listed some free applications.)

Dean Bubley reports that handsets with built-in GPS were “flavour of the month” at 3GSM. Mobile Weblog reports that GPS device makers are developing mobile handsets, and a WSJ article that Nokia will use GPS (and LBS services) as a strategy to maintain its handset prices.

Issues :

Links 2007-04-24 April 24, 2007

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Phone thoughts January 9, 2007

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Desirable features for my next mobile handset (without wanting it to $satisfy all). Currently use a Palm Treo 650 (which doesn’t have 3G/ wifi/ gps/ multitasking OS), and not a landline. Grouped, but no particular order :

Things that I don’t really care about :