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Artists …that I look out for:

Many have exhibited at Sherborne House (Dorset, UK), and been mentioned in “Evolver”, the regional arts magazine

Sandra Blow : Exhibited at Sherborne House in Oct-05 and Innocent fine art in 2006

Angela Charles : Exhibited at Sherborne House, Alpha House Gallery and Blue Lias. Met in Dec-03 at Sherborne House. Own one painting

Susan Caines : Liked her Italian landscapes, particularly “Sienese Landscape I” seen at Alpha House Gallery in Nov-02. Oil on linen gives them a dreamy quality, like a heat haze

Rosanna Chittenden : Was keen to buy a figure Diptych that I saw at exhibition (Sherborne House Jun-01), but it was already sold. (Not on her site, for me to link to, but the images there are similar)

Marzia Colonna : Bronze sculpture of the human form, and drawings. First saw her work at an Alpha House Gallery exhibition in Jun-02, and met during Dorset Art Weeks (Jun-04). Own one drawing

Jessica Cooper : Exhibited at edgarmodern in Dec-05 and Sherborne House in Jul-06

Vicky Finding : Bought one of the Sea studies in Oct-01, from William Pelly Gallery. Met during Dorset Art Weeks (Jun-04)

Alan Hussey : “Beautiful contemporary minimalist furniture in solid English hardwoods.” I agree with this. Saw Alan’s workshop during Dorset Art Weeks (Jun-02). Exhibits at Dansel Gallery

Heidi Konig : Seen at Rostra Gallery in Aug-03

Ian Potts : Liked “‘The edge of the blue’ : Feluccas on the Nile” that I saw at Alpha House (Mar-02)

Jennifer Semmons : Alpha House Gallery Feb-03. I liked a few (“City Sunset”, “Venetian Triptych”, “Vestibule”), but can’t find any images

Amanda Wallwork : Some wonderful colours and shapes. Always come away from her exhibitions with new thoughts, and have several pieces at home. The artist who (Jun-00) first inspired me to buy, and to keep visiting galleries

Joy White : Hand-printed B&W photographs. Met and bought several in Dec-03. Exhibits at Blue Lias gallery

Galleries …that I visit :

Sherborne House : First visited to see how the building had changed since I had school lessons there. Now visit whenever I’m in the area

Alpha House Gallery [Sherborne] : “A West End gallery in Dorset”. Usually exhibiting a couple of painters, and ceramics

Blue Lias [Lyme Regis] : “Contemporary artworks reflecting our heritage coast.” Joy White’s photos, and usually other interesting stuff

Arnolfini [Bristol] : Contemporary arts centre

Centrespace [Bristol]

Guild Gallery [Bristol] : Top floor of the Bristol Guild shop, in Park St

Innocent fine art [Bristol] : Some very nice Cornish pieces, and a great location in Clifton Village

Spike Island [Bristol] : open studios next in Apr-07?

Royal West of England Academy (RWA) [Bristol] : “School of Art” is next door, and had a very good student exhibition Summer-03

Chapel Row Gallery [Bath] : Contemporary. Nice space and people. (When “Six Chapel Row” moved, the premises was a shop for a while)

Edgar Modern Fine Art [Bath] : Friendly. Contemporary. (Previously “edgarmodern”)

Rostra Gallery [Bath] : Diverse range and friendly staff

Dorset Art Weeks (DAW) : was last in Jun-06

Somerset Art Week : was last in Sep-06

[Finally, some US museums/ galleries that I enjoyed] :

Boston Center for the Arts [Boston, USA]

The Copley Society [Boston, USA]

ICA Boston [Boston, USA]

Museum of Fine Arts [Boston, USA]

United South End Artists [Boston, USA]

Art Institute of Chicago [Chicago, USA]

Museum of Contemporary Art [Chicago, USA]

Museum of Contemporary Photography [Chicago, USA]

Guggenheim Museum [New York, USA]

Metropolitan Museum of Art [New York, USA]

MoMA [New York, USA]


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