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Links 2007-05-03 May 3, 2007

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Links 2007-04-26 April 26, 2007

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Nokia N95 – some issues April 25, 2007

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Last year, I mentioned that I’d be looking for a new phone, and listed some desirable features. Nokia’s N95 looks and feels less attractive than I’d expected, but is novel at the moment in being GPS-enabled (and has a lot of other features).

GPS is a feature I’d particularly like to try, as well as some VoIP and photo applications I’ve read about over the last couple of years …to better understand the user experience, issues and other possible services and business cases. I don’t like ‘walled gardens’. (Mapperz has listed some free applications.)

Dean Bubley reports that handsets with built-in GPS were “flavour of the month” at 3GSM. Mobile Weblog reports that GPS device makers are developing mobile handsets, and a WSJ article that Nokia will use GPS (and LBS services) as a strategy to maintain its handset prices.

Issues :

Links 2007-04-22 April 22, 2007

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Yahoo! Pipes February 9, 2007

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Yahoo! Pipes launched this week : a simple visual editor, and the tools for ‘anyone’ to create her own “mashup“. The words GeoRSS caught my eye, as I’d been researching it (and SMIL) last week.

Here’s the Pipes coverage; and I may write more when I’ve had time to read it properly :

Strange Maps November 7, 2006

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The Strange Maps blog [via Platial] has a whole load of unusual and interesting maps, often with an historical element.

eg. The Manhattan Neighbourhoods map and general feel of the site made me think of Maira Kalman’s “New Yorkistancover, (which I was pointed at recently, but can’t remember by who).

A future of geotagged photos September 5, 2006

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As usual, Jan Chipchase asks some interesting questions about human interaction with technology, this time about a (future) critical mass of geotagged photos

Elements of it border on ideas I suggested to Sharing Places, about creating time lapse movies from geotagged images

Flickr Photo Compass September 3, 2006

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The Greasemonkey scripts for Flickr Photo Compass [via Lifehacker] and GeoRadar reminded me of some of the elements in Ajit Jaokar’s example of a Mobile Web 2.0 service, at Open Gardens

Flickr adds geotagging August 28, 2006

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Flickr has added geotagging capability to photos, by drag&drop onto a Yahoo! Map …[Found via TechCrunch]

“If you already have geotagged photos on Flickr (from using a 3rd party tool), you can import them into the new system…We’ll also be releasing new API methods for developers soon”

VirtualGlobes.org August 25, 2006

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The Virtual Globes Directory is a “central depository for virtual globe related links” (such as Google Earth and NASA’s World Wind). It excludes 2D maps, such as Google Maps

…[Found via http://del.icio.us/inbox/starhill_blend/, which is part of Hack #9 in "Google Maps Hacks"]

“Sharing Places” August 22, 2006

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Recently I’ve done some work with Mista in Bristol, to help define the future value proposition and user ‘experience’ of its Sharing Places mapping site

For me, it was a chance to combine recent interests (including AJAX, mapping, and Jane Jacobs‘ work) together with ideas about website usability and social networks that have interested me for a decade

We’ll have to see whether that relationship goes any further, but do try out the preview, and give them some feedback