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Phone thoughts January 9, 2007

Posted by mark in : Design, Device, Personal, Wireless , trackback

Desirable features for my next mobile handset (without wanting it to $satisfy all). Currently use a Palm Treo 650 (which doesn’t have 3G/ wifi/ gps/ multitasking OS), and not a landline. Grouped, but no particular order :

Things that I don’t really care about :


1. Ivan - 13/1/2007

I got a Nokia E70 (Symbian Series60 based) a few months ago because I wanted ssh-type access to servers, SIP seems cool, and wifi aswell. Multitasking is also useful – as you mentioned, the Treo & PalmOS don’t multitask which is probably the biggest let-down of the OS these days.

Whilst I’d like to move across and try it, the main things stopping me are:
* converting contacts/diary from PalmOS -> series60 apps
* getting a decent password app and migrating passwords from STRIP (on palm) to series60.

The former is a *big* pain.

Anyway, aside from that, I’d mention that I’m not too worried about a mobile device playing FLAC – it would be something I would like from a “free format” PoV, along with ogg-vorbis, but I don’t think a mobile device’s audio can do justice to CD-quality audio to make it worthwhile.

I pretty much agree with all the rest. With SMSes it would also be nice to do the following that my Treo600 can’t:
* not treat all chats between you + other as a single chat
* be able to remove some entries (eg if someone waffles a bit)
* be able to store/archive chats/smses (preferably on the device but, if not, on the computer)

The Treo600 (& I assume other Treos) treat the chat logs like ring-buffers (when it gets too full the oldest messages get deleted so new ones can be saved) which means I lose entries.

Push-email would be nice if there was a nice standard (I’m not aware of one) .. although I wouldn’t want a crackberry affliction like several of my friends ;)

2. mark - 13/1/2007

Regarding the SMS’s :
1. I’m ok with it like that, but I don’t save most of my chats for long

2. You can remove entries (on the Treo 650). Turn off the chats ["Options > Preferences > Chat > Create chats from messages: Never"], then delete your entries, then turn chats back on

3. SMS’s get stored on the PC when you sync (and were re-added to my replacement Treo, from my PC, when I first sync’d). I guess you could ‘archive’ chats by saving copies of those files periodically; but reading them again would be a hassle